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Carmen Sandiego is a Canadian-American Netflix animated action-adventure series with educational elements, based on the media franchise of the same name created by Broderbund. The series is produced by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt with WildBrain serving as the production company, and contains a "serialized look at Carmen’s backstory that is told from her perspective".[1] Serving as an origin story for the fictional thieving villain of the same name, it is the fourth Carmen Sandiego television show after the PBS game shows Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, and the Fox animated series Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?; it is also the first Carmen Sandiego show since the end of Earth in 1999.

The series sees many characters drawn from the franchise's 35-year history: Carmen Sandiego herself who debuted in the original World video game; The Chief who took her current form in the World game show; Player, Ivy, and Zack who featured in the Earth animated series, Chase Devineaux who debuted in Word Detective, and Julia Argent who featured in Treasures of Knowledge.

The first season was released on January 18, 2019.[2] A second season was released on October 1, 2019.[3] A third season was renewed in an announcement on April 24, 2020[4] and was released on October 1.[5] On October 2, 2020, it was announced that it was renewed for a fourth season, which was later announced to be the final season, to be released on January 15, 2021.[6][7]

An interactive special, titled Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal, was released on March 10, 2020.



"Carmen is a modern day Robin Hood, traveling the globe, stealing from V.I.L.E. and giving back to its victims. Cloaked in red, she is accompanied by her hacker Player, and her best friends Zack and Ivy. Carmen is publicly perceived as a criminal by most law enforcement agencies – or actually, make that a master criminal due to the sheer scale and theatricality of her heists. We will follow her escapades and get to determine not only where in the world but “who” is Carmen Sandiego?"[9]

A recurring theme is that both V.I.L.E. and A.C.M.E. make mistaken assumptions about Carmen's actions.

In season 2, Carmen seeks answers about her past, while V.I.L.E. attempts to keep their finances from plummeting even further into the red; the Faculty attempt to find a new fifth member as well. Thanks to Julia's encouragement, Carmen and the Chief make a loose alliance to take down V.I.L.E.

In season 3, Carmen has been off the grid for weeks upon months, looking for clues to her mother. Julia quits A.C.M.E., after Chief has become too blinded by distrust toward Carmen, for stealing Intel on her father from them, to see that she isn't stealing from anyone. V.I.L.E. sets up base in Scotland, sending new agents, specifically trained to capture Carmen, after her; once both they and A.C.M.E. discover her latest whereabouts.



  • Carmen Sandiego / 'Black Sheep' (voiced by Gina Rodriguez) – The eponymous protagonist and heroine seeking to dissolve V.I.L.E. and donate their stolen funds to humanitarian causes (the proceeds go through Carmen's charity Black Sheep Inc, as subtle taunt to V.I.L.E.); this Carmen is notably different than previous incarnations, who were leaders of V.I.L.E. and lady thieves. The story she knew was that she was found as an abandoned baby on the roadside of Buenos Aires, Argentina 20 years ago. At a young age, she used to be a student at V.I.L.E. Academy until she left when she didn't want to take the life of anyone who gets in her way after stowing away on a mission and seeing what really goes on in V.I.L.E. She takes her name from the brand name tag in the hat she used in her escape disguise. She is also nicknamed "Carm" by Zack & Ivy and "Red" by Player. By the end of the second season, Carmen learns of her true heritage as the daughter of former V.I.L.E. Faculty Member Dexter Wolfe, who was killed by the mysterious Chief of A.C.M.E. during an ambush by Interpol and assassination attempt by V.I.L.E. and that her mother may still be alive, thus making it her new secondary objective to find her mother.
  • Player (voiced by Finn Wolfhard) – A white-hat hacker from Niagara Falls, Ontario who helps Carmen plan her heist, gives her intel about the places she visits, and keeps her updated on the local authorities and any possibilities she may have missed; Player is inspired by the live-action character of the same name from Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, who in turn is a reference to people playing the video games—this version, however, has met Carmen in person at least once, as he has the stolen V.I.L.E. drive which he uses to plan out Carmen's trips to the caches of V.I.L.E.'s stolen goods. He cares for Carmen as a friend, and helps Shadowsan uncover The Chief's identity.
  • Zack (voiced by Michael Hawley) and Ivy (voiced by Abby Trott) – Twin siblings from South Boston helping Carmen after they met during a Donut shop heist which was a V.I.L.E. front; they are inspired by the A.C.M.E. detectives of the same names from Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, voiced by Scott Menville and Jennifer Hale respectively. Ivy, the older of the two, often runs interference for Carmen, either through disguises or her engineering skills; she also is much more well-read than Zack, who habitually makes mistakes about their discoveries and is less experienced with going undercover (almost giving himself away when tricking the Countess), hence why he more often serves as Carmen's wheelman/getaway driver.
  • Shadowsan / Suhara (voiced by Paul Nakauchi; main – season 2) – A Japanese master thief, skilled swordsman, assassin, and a former-member of the Faculty of V.I.L.E. teaching stealth and covert thievery. He gave a test where students had to find and steal a dollar from his coat when Carmen was still in school, and emptied his coat so she wouldn't be able to find the dollar, which caused Carmen's need to outdo Tigress. In the season one finale, Shadowsan revealed that he was really on Carmen's side all her life, and that he was the one who found her in Argentina when she was a baby. He emptied his coat in order to protect her from joining V.I.L.E. He is a secret member of Carmen's team as well, providing her with a new drive on V.I.L.E.'s financial data at the end of the season. By season 2, his betrayal is revealed and he becomes an enemy of V.I.L.E. while helping Carmen foil their plans. In the Daishō Caper, his real name is revealed to be Suhara, having stolen his katana from his brother decades earlier and regretting the life he chose. In the season 2 finale, he reveals to Carmen that he was sent to kill her father Dexter Wolfe, a.k.a. The Wolf, a V.I.L.E. Faculty member, but witnessed his death by Tamara Fraser who then became Chief of A.C.M.E. He joins Carmen's search to find her mother, who went into hiding just before Wolfe's death. While he's not stated it, Shadowsan sees Carmen's team as family. In the 1994 animated series, Suhara was the name of a great Japanese detective who mentored Carmen when she was an A.C.M.E. agent.


A.C.M.E. (short for Agency to Classify & Monitor Evildoers) is the secret law enforcement agency that often combats V.I.L.E., and in this iteration seeks to find proof leading to the dissolution of the criminal organization.

  • The Chief / Tamara Fraser (voiced by Dawnn Lewis) – Head of A.C.M.E. and supervises all of the organization; she is inspired by the Chief from the PBS game shows, played by Lynne Thigpen. She has only appeared via hologram in most of the series, but believes Carmen may be a lead to helping A.C.M.E. prove the existence and downfall of V.I.L.E. By the end of season 2, it is revealed that her name is Tamara Fraser, and that she was the one who killed Carmen's father, Dexter Wolfe, the night she was taken in by Shadowsan; it's possible that due to her error in judgement that caused Wolfe's death, The Chief does not tolerate incompetence and issues agents with capture only gear, despite her own assumptions about and eventually mistaken obsession with Carmen. The Chief has also been obsessed in her pursuit of finding evidence on V.I.L.E.'s existence ever since killing Wolfe, for as yet unknown motivations.
  • Chase Devineaux (voiced by Rafael Petardi) – A French Interpol inspector turned A.C.M.E. agent. He, along with Julia, is one of the only two agents to get close enough to see Carmen's face. He is arrogant, pompous, and constantly over-estimating his own abilities. By the end of the first season, Chase is put into mental strain caused by a device Brunt and Shadowsan used to force him to answer their questions. In season 2, after waking up from his coma, he provides a lead but is dismissed and returned to Interpol with a desk job, only to be fired for going off the grid in pursuit of Carmen and finds the Isle of V.I.L.E. only after it was destroyed. By the season 2 finale, A.C.M.E. rehires him after Carmen steals from their databanks. At the end of Season 3, Chase realized Julia was right about Carmen; he decides to help her stop V.I.L.E. subtly.
  • Julia Argent (voiced by Charlet Chung) – An Interpol agent turned A.C.M.E. recruit, Chase's partner and opposite: she usually does the logistics and fact finding that Chase would otherwise overlook or disregard; is more highly intelligent, competent and perceptive; and is the most open to believing Carmen is instead stealing from other thieves—this is explicit and given the option of exploitation in the interactive episode To Steal or Not to Steal (it is even suggested that she may have feelings for Carmen, and vise versa); and in season 2, she in fact actively tries to recruit Carmen as an A.C.M.E. agent despite being undermined by the Chief's focus to outright arrest Carmen to gain intel on V.I.L.E. She, along with Chase Devineaux, is one of the only two officers to get close enough to see Carmen's face. She is also the only A.C.M.E. agent to visibly keep her job for the whole of both seasons until season 3, when she quit due to the Chief's mistaken assumptions with Carmen.
  • Zari (voiced by Sharon Muthu; main – season 2) – A longtime pursuant of Carmen Sandiego's, who becomes Argent's partner in season 2. While focused and efficient, her loyalty is shown to lie with the Chief and not her partner, as seen in Stockholm when her team swarmed Carmen in talks with Argent to secure loyalty after Zari realized she was following a decoy (Ivy). She is later partnered with Devineaux in season 3.


V.I.L.E., short for Villains' International League of Evil (undercover as Valuable Imports, Lavish Exports) is a shadowy international criminal organization of thieves and the main antagonists of the series. They make their headquarters on one of the Canary Islands and use the academy there to train their new recruits for a one year semester. As of Season 2, V.I.L.E. Island was destroyed after V.I.L.E. Faculty believed that A.C.M.E. had found their location. V.I.L.E. was then relocated to a castle in Scotland in Season 3.

The Faculty

A council of five masterminds who are the leaders of V.I.L.E., the instructors of V.I.L.E. Academy and the primary antagonists of the series and who Carmen considered the only family see knew before betraying them. They each have equal authority, and reach decisions by a majority vote.

  • Professor Gunnar Maelstrom (voiced by Liam O'Brien) – The Swedish teacher of psychological manipulation. Sinister and quite psychotic, often the classic Machiavellian type villain and coming off as creepy to the V.I.L.E. graduates and faculty. Unlike his 1994 series counterpart, He is part of V.I.L.E. itself, often acts as the leader, a mediator and head spokesperson for the faculty as a group.
  • Coach Brunt (voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) – The Texan teacher of combat and physical training. She was Carmen's favorite teacher, and the two had soft spots for each other. Carmen always thought that Coach Brunt was the one who found her, so the two shared a good relationship. Brunt, like the other faculty members, was quite upset over Carmen's betrayal. However, it seems that Carmen still has a soft spot for Coach Brunt. This is thought when Carmen gets altitude sickness and mistakes Dr. Pilar as Coach Brunt, saying that she always knew it was Coach Brunt who found her as a baby (however, that honor is revealed to go to Shadowsan). However, Brunt denies still having a soft spot for Carmen, saying that Carmen was dead to her after she left; it is still unknown if what Brunt said was true or not.
  • Countess Cleo (voiced by Toks Olagundoye) – A wealthy Egyptian debutant and teacher of culture, class, and forgery, possibly a reference to the Contessa, a recurring villain from the World gameshow. She seems to not really care that much about Carmen, and always tries to use her etiquette lessons to get rid of Carmen's rebellious streak.
  • Dr. Saira Bellum (voiced by Sharon Muthu) – An Indian mad scientist and V.I.L.E.'s master inventor; teacher of technology and science and much like her 1994 animated series counterpart, is the main technical expert, responsible for creating all of the many gadgets and tools V.I.L.E. uses in their heists and schemes. She is shown to be slightly more reasonable than the other faculty, though still willing to destroy the food supply of Indonesia just to shill in a market for an artificial commercial brand; she also has trouble understanding metaphors. She is of Urdu ancestry in this incarnation. She tends to multitask even during council meetings, focusing on numerous screens of information, much to Maelstrom's annoyance. It is shown on multiple occasions that she enjoys cats and likes watching cat videos.
  • Roundabout / Nigel Braithwaite (voiced by Trevor Devall) – A senior V.I.L.E. operative and MI6 double-agent who takes the place of Shadowsan in the end of season 2. He utilizes his influence in British Intelligence to give V.I.L.E. a leg up on any law-enforcement that may zero in on their operations, as well as divert attention away with proper diversionary substance. Like his namesake, he speaks in the manner of one who received a prodigious education, but also uses that vernacular to imply something without saying so and leading people into how he wants them. In Season 3, he is revealed to be a talented fencer. By the end of season 3, he was exposed to rest of the world as a criminal for stealing the Crown Jewels thanks to Player by uploading a video of him stealing them. He was arrested, but the cleaners rescued him.


  • Tigress / Sheena (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) – A spy with a literal catsuit and mask to match her namesake, who is particularly antagonistic toward Carmen, even while at the Academy. She is based on the character of the same name from the original 1994 animated series; though, unlike the original, who was nothing more than a disguise donned by Ivy, Tigress is a separate person in the 2019 continuum. She is the longest-running combatant against Carmen, who felt like she needed to prove she was better than Tigress at pick-pocketing due to Tigress acing a test set by Shadowsan that Carmen failed (however, this is only because Shadowsan cheated so Carmen could fail). Tigress also dislikes Paper Star. In the interactive game it is shown that in spite of her dislike of Carmen, Tigress is still capable of returning the favor if Carmen helps her out, showing that she has a sense of honor.
  • El Topo / Antonio (voiced by Andrew Pifko) and Le Chevre / Jean Paul (voiced by Bernardo de Paula) – A pair of V.I.L.E. operatives who used to be in Carmen's group of friends before she left. El Topo is a wisecracking Spanish spy with streamlined powerful digging gauntlets, while Le Chevre is a no-nonsense French spy with incredible parkour skills. In the interactive game, if Carmen works with El Topo, he holds no hostility towards her, stating his belief they are just pawns in the game of life; Le Chev on the other hand, will taunt her.
  • Paper Star (voiced by Kimiko Glenn) – A psychopathic master of origami weapons, she is Maelstrom's favorite pupil. While on the contrary, Shadowsan rightfully believes Paper Star to be too psychotic to carryout orders, as Paper Star refused to hand over the stolen goods to Le Chevre per V.I.L.E. protocol. Paper Star has little combat experience outside of her origami techniques; whenever they have been negated, Carmen has gained the upper hand.
  • Mime Bomb – A silent spy and snitch; dresses as a mime artist for public camouflage. He is usually used by the faculty to spy on the students, which is also how the faculty found out that Carmen had stowed away. However, they sometimes wonder if it was a good idea to hire a mime as a spy since they can't really understand what he's trying to say though he does communicate through charades or sign language.
  • The Cleaners / Boris and Vlad (voiced by Liam O'Brien) – Two men who are not just the cleaning crew at V.I.L.E. Academy but also the men-in-black who are deployed to extricate V.I.L.E. members who have failed their missions by being apprehended and "Scrub" any evidence of V.I.L.E.'s existence. The duo rarely speak, but are diligent in their jobs. They work quickly, quietly, and without complaint. As Shadowsan notes, they are without fear. Vlad has a short face with a sharper chin than Boris. He possesses a more tired expression than him as well. His hair is revealed to be balding. Boris's chin is more square and blunt than Vlad's and his eyebrows are tilted. They both have somewhat wrinkly faces with black hair cut short. Their attire changes depending on their part in missions but they mainly wear pale green-grey shirts and pants with a black belt. During a costume party in the episode "The Haunted Bayou Caper", Boris dresses as Frankenstein, and Vlad as Count Dracula. They are based on Rick and Nick ICK, commonly known as The ICK Brothers, a pair of V.I.L.E. henchmen who had similar jobs, seen in the 1996 edition of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, who were assigned to "clean up" the evidence of V.I.L.E.'s whereabouts. However, the brothers' incompetence always ends up creating more messes for V.I.L.E.'s members as ACME's detectives continue to pursue them.
  • Cookie Booker (voiced by Rita Moreno) – V.I.L.E.'s bookkeeper and financier; she believes in white collar crime above other forms. Rita Moreno was the voice of Carmen Sandiego in the 1994 animated series, a connection subtly referenced when Carmen steals her trademark outfit from Booker as a kind of "passing of the torch."
  • Dash Haber (voiced by Troy Baker) – Countess Cleo's executive courier and personal assistant. Dash Haber's main weapon is his hat, which is embellished with razor-sharp blades and can be thrown. His name is a pun of the word haberdasher.
  • Neal the Eel (voiced by Rhys Darby) – A New Zealand thief that wears a wet suit allowing him to slip through vents, tight spaces and anyone that attempts to grab him. He mostly works for Dr. Bellum and rarely teams up with another agent. His offensive weapons are a pair of tasers.
  • Spin Kick (voiced by Dante Basco) – A member of V.I.L.E. Academy's newest graduated class that specializes in kickboxing and partnered with Fly Trap. Carmen simply avoids him as they are too evenly matched.
  • Fly Trap (voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles) – A member of V.I.L.E. Academy's newest graduated class that wields a pair of bolas and partnered with Spin Kick. Carmen outwits her by using the bolas in ricochet attacks to catch Fly Trap off guard.
  • The Troll (voiced by Osric Chau) – A Korean skilled internet hacker and computer tech who is like an evil counterpart to Player. Though it is unknown if The Troll is also a white-hat hacker, he has demonstrated as high a proficiency in encryption breaking, hacking and data collection as Player. The Troll hates it when people call him simply "Troll", though he admits that it's not always best to pronounce it that way.


  • Graham (voiced by Michael Goldsmith) – Also known as Gray or Crackle, Graham is Carmen's former best friend at V.I.L.E. Academy. However, after a failed mission, Graham had his memories erased by Bellum. He returned to Australia where he met up with Carmen once again (only this time, he didn't remember her) and asked her out on a date. However she left before she even got there, because she thought that Gray had a chance to start over, and that Carmen Sandiego would ruin that chance. In "The Crackle Goes Kiwi Caper", Carmen recruits him to help her infiltrate Dr. Bellum's New Zealand lab, but upon his realizing Carmen's true mission, he helps destroy Bellum's experiment; they then finally have that date and talk more. By the end of season 3, it's revealed that Graham has been spied on by A.C.M.E. since then, acknowledging that he is the last and only link they have to Carmen, and it is hinted they intend to bring him in.
  • Dexter Wolfe / The Wolf – Carmen's father and Shadowsan's predecessor as a member of the V.I.L.E. Faculty and Stealth 101 Professor. Wolfe was a master thief who was often allowed to leave V.I.L.E. Island due to his expertise, though he preferred stealing for the thrill rather than for selfish gain. However, when Carmen was born, the rest of the faculty realized that he was planning to leave the organization and sent Shadowsan to assassinate him. By this point, he was attempting to make his escape with Baby Carmen to be reunited with his wife "Vera Cruz" but was accidentally killed instead by the current Chief of A.C.M.E. after hiding Carmen in the closet, leaving her to be taken to V.I.L.E. Island by Shadowsan.


On April 14, 2017, Hollywood insider information site The Tracking Board reported that they had exclusively learned of an animated Carmen Sandiego project at Netflix, that Gina Rodriguez as the voice of the titular character. The site reported that the 20-episode series would aim to be "as educational as it is entertaining", in keeping with the style of the franchise.[11] It was later confirmed that the series would be called Carmen Sandiego. Rodriguez confirmed the story via her Twitter feed the following day in response to a Hypable story, which compared the news to that of a Kate McKinnon-led revival of The Magic School Bus.[12][13]Carmen Sandiego was set to appeal to a wider audience (ages 6–11), plus the parents of those kids and fans of the original series.[1] On April 18 and 19, the news began to be published by reputable news sites, where it was confirmed that Netflix had rebooted the franchise on TV by ordering twenty 22-minute episodes of Carmen Sandiego, which would premiere in 2019 and with Gina Rodriguez in the starring role. Rotoscopers noted that this was "more than most Netflix Originals receive".[14] The Hollywood Reporter noted that Rita Moreno, who voiced Carmen in the FOX animated series Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, had recently guest-starred on Rodriguez's show Jane the Virgin. The new series was described as having "thrilling adventure and intrigue", while offering an "intimate look into Carmen's past" and what inspired her career choices, essentially answering the question "Who in the world [is] Carmen Sandiego?" while simultaneously following her on her thieving escapades.



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