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The Bridge (Danish: Broen Danish pronunciation: [bʁoːn]; Swedish: Bron Swedish pronunciation: [bruːn]) is a Nordic noir crime television series created and written by Hans Rosenfeldt. A joint creative and financed production between Sweden's Sveriges Television and Denmark's Danmarks Radio, it has been shown in more than 100 countries.[1]

The first series begins with the discovery of a dead body exactly on the centre of the Øresund Bridge, which links Malmö with Copenhagen, necessitating a joint investigation. Sofia Helin, as the Swedish police detective Saga Norén, stars in all four series. In the first and second, her Danish counterpart, Martin Rohde, is played by Kim Bodnia, and in the third and fourth Thure Lindhardt plays Henrik Sabroe. The first series was broadcast on the Swedish SVT1 and Danish DR1 during the autumn of 2011, and on the United Kingdom's BBC Four the following spring.

The second series aired in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland during the autumn of 2013,[2][3][4] and in the UK in early 2014.[5][6][7][8] The third series was broadcast in Denmark, Sweden and Finland during the autumn of 2015 and in the UK in November 2015.[9][10] The fourth series premiered on 1 January 2018 in the Nordic countries[11][12][13] and was broadcast weekly on BBC Two in the UK from 11 May 2018.


  • Sofia Helin as Saga Norén, lead homicide detective in Malmö
  • Kim Bodnia as Martin Rohde, lead homicide detective in Copenhagen (series 1–2)
  • Thure Lindhardt as Henrik Sabroe, lead homicide detective in Copenhagen (series 3-4)
  • Dag Malmberg as Hans Petterson, the Police Commissioner in Malmö, later married to Lillian
  • Sarah Boberg as Lillian Larsen, the Police Commissioner in Copenhagen, later married to Petterson
  • Rafael Pettersson as John Lundqvist, IT expert for Malmö police
  • Lars Simonsen as Jens Hansen/Sebastian Sandstrod (series 1–2)
  • Puk Scharbau as Mette Rohde, Martin Rohde's wife (series 1–2)
  • Ann Petrén as Marie-Louise Norén, Saga's mother (series 3)
  • Gabriel Flores Jair as the Malmö police pathologist[note 1]
  • Henrik Lundström as Rasmus Larsson, Swedish junior police detective (series 2–3)
  • Mikael Birkkjær as Jonas Mandrup, lead homicide detective in Copenhagen (series 4)
Recurring (Series 4)
  • Mikael Birkkjær as Jonas
  • Julie Carlsen as Barbara
  • Anders Mossling as Frank
  • Fanny Leander Bornedal as Julia
  • Iris Mealor Olsen as Ida
  • Pontus T. Pagler as Richard & Patrik
  • Erik Lönngren as Christoffer
  • Alexander Behrang Keshtkar as Taariq Shirazi
  • Lisa Linnertorp as Sofie
  • Lars Ranthe as Dan Brolund
  • Leonard Terfelt as William
  • Selma Modéer Wiking as Astrid
  • Michalis Koutsogiannakis as Theo
  • Thomas W. Gabrielsson as Niels
  • Jesper Hyldegaard as Silas Tuxen
  • Sandra Sencindiver as Susanne Winter
  • Elliott Crosset Hove as Kevin
  • Lena Strömdahl as Harriet
  • Michael Asmussen as Klaus
  • Patricia Schumann as Nicole
  • Johannes Bah Kuhnke as Morgan Sonning
  • Ina-Maria Rosenbaum as Solveig


Series 4

Two years later, having spent more than a year in prison, Saga Norén is released following a retrial which found that there was reasonable doubt about her murdering her mother. Henrik Sabroe investigates the murder of the director general of the Immigration Service, Margarethe Thormond, who has been stoned to death. After her release and assignment to help Henrik solve the murder case, Saga moves in with him. She starts therapy after having a panic attack while driving across the bridge and Henrik attends meetings for addicts. There, he is befriended by a man in a wheelchair named Kevin. Two more victims are discovered and Saga realizes that each victim is killed using one method of executing prisoners sentenced to death - suggesting a total of seven victims, leaving four to come. She also notes that the victims are selected not because of their actions but because of something their loved ones have done.

As more people are murdered, Henrik realizes that the common link between the victims is people associated with Tommy - a gangster and a police informer that Henrik used to know. Tommy had told Henrik when and where his gang would be raiding another gang but the prosecutor refused to follow up on the tip. The raid led to bloodshed and a number of deaths, resulting in the execution of Tommy as a police informer, a fact inadvertently revealed by a journalist whose brother was one of the victims. Henrik and Lilian's involvement in that case makes their loved ones potential victims of future murders because they are considered to have betrayed Tommy. Kevin is revealed as Tommy's son, whose real name is Brian.

Meanwhile Saga has become pregnant and she considers having an abortion, which upsets Henrik. She agrees to proceed with the pregnancy provided he keeps the baby and raises it on his own. Later, Saga realizes that she is in love with Henrik, so she aborts her pregnancy to remove a possible obstacle to her relationship with him. When she tells Henrik, he is furious and throws her out of the house. Acting on discussions with her therapist, Saga decides to make amends and redoubles her efforts to find Henrik's daughters. A chance encounter with Christoffer, whose father was a minor figure in the investigation, enables her to track down one of Henrik's daughters, Astrid, who is living as another man's daughter in a closed community. Reunited with Henrik, Astrid tells him his other daughter, Anna, died of untreated appendicitis.

Saga discovers that the murderer is Tommy's former lover, Susanne Winter, personal assistant to the Thormonds. Winter is arrested and provides details about the murders. With the help of her therapist, Saga lets go of her guilt for her sister's suicide. Her therapist suggests that Saga is a police officer to make amends for her sister's suicide. The pathologist, who admires Saga, helps confirm that her mother suffered from a psychological problem and probably caused her sister's death. With her guilt resolved, Saga discovers she can explore life outside of police.

However, when summoned to talk to a former fellow prisoner, Saga learns that Susanne Winter was not acting alone. In the meantime, Henrik is trying to rebuild his relationship with Astrid. Brian unexpectedly comes to visit them one evening to celebrate. When Henrik turns around, Brian stands up from his wheelchair and attacks him. He ties up Henrik and Astrid, and asks Henrik to watch as he shoots Astrid. Henrik refuses, so Brian shoots her in the leg and says he will continue to maim her until Henrik opens his eyes. A gunshot is heard and Henrik sees that Brian has been shot dead by Saga.

Saga visits Henrik and tells him she is leaving to explore doing the things she wants to do but promises to stay in touch. Returning to Malmö, she stops at the halfway point to throw her police badge into the sea. Her phone rings, and she answers just with her name, omitting her former job title.


Series two started shooting in October 2012, and began to air in Denmark and Sweden on Sunday 22 September 2013 (20.00 in Denmark and 21.00 in Sweden).[18]

In January 2014, Hans Rosenfeldt was writing the third series and retaining most of the main characters.[19] In June 2014 it was announced that Kim Bodnia, who plays Martin Rohde, would not appear in the third series. Helin and Bodnia suggested that series three would include Saga coping without her only friend, and suggested that Bodnia's character might return sometime in the future.[20] Hans Rosenfeldt confirmed that Bodnia had left the show because Bodnia was not happy about the way that his on-screen character was evolving. He also voiced concerns in an interview about working in Malmö, due to the city's problems with antisemitism, which had made his decision to leave the series easier.[21] Filming started during September 2014.[22][23][24]

The Scandinavian launch of the third series was on 27 September 2015.[25] Sofia Helin is credited alone in the first episode's opening titles, with Thure Lindhardt listed alongside her thereafter. The names, along with the Swedish and Danish titles, were separated by three lines, indicating the third series; they had been separated by one line in the first, and two in the second series.

When the fourth series started broadcasting on 1 January 2018 in the Nordic countries, Rosenfeld confirmed that this was to be the final series; it was written so as to bring the previous story-lines to a satisfactory conclusion.




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