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My Brilliant Friend (Italian: L'amica geniale) is an Italian- and Neapolitan-language coming-of-age drama television series created by Saverio Costanzo for HBO, RAI and TIMvision. Named after the first of four novels in the Neapolitan Novels series by Elena Ferrante, it is set to adapt the entire literary work over four eight-episode seasons.[2] The series is a co-production between Italian production companies Wildside, Fandango, The Apartment, Mowe and international film group Umedia

The first season premiered on HBO on November 18, 2018 and on Rai 1 and TIMvision on November 27, 2018.[3][4] A second season, based on Ferrante's second Neapolitan Novel and titled My Brilliant Friend: The Story of a New Name (Italian: L'amica geniale - Storia del nuovo cognome), was confirmed in December 2018,[5] and premiered on Rai 1 on February 10, 2020, and on HBO on March 16, 2020.[6][7] The first two episodes of the second season were released in Italian cinemas from January 27 to 29, 2020.[6]
On April 30, 2020, the series was renewed for a third season, to be based on the third novel in the series, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay.

Cast and characters


  • Elisa Del Genio (season 1, guest season 2) and Margherita Mazzucco as Elena "Lenù" Greco,[9] a girl from a poor neighbourhood in the outskirts of 1950s Naples. Alba Rohrwacher narrates the events of the series from the point of view of adult Elena Greco. The character is also portrayed by Elisabetta De Palo (guest season 1) as a senior, and by Ingrid Del Genio (guest season 1) as a very young child.
  • Ludovica Nasti (season 1, guest season 2) and Gaia Girace as Raffaella "Lila" Cerullo,[9] Elena's best friend and, later, Stefano Carracci's wife
  • Anna Rita Vitolo as Immacolata Greco, Elena's mother
  • Luca Gallone as Vittorio Greco, a porter and Elena's father
  • Imma Villa as Manuela Solara, Silvio Solara's wife
  • Antonio Milo as Silvio Solara, owner of the Bar Solara (season 1; recurring season 2)
  • Adriano Tammaro (recurring season 1) and Alessio Gallo (season 2; recurring season 1) as Michele Solara, Silvio and Manuela's son
  • Valentina Acca as Nunzia Cerullo, Lila's mother
  • Antonio Buonanno as Fernando Cerullo, a shoemaker and Lila's father
  • Dora Romano as Miss Oliviero, Elena and Lila's elementary school teacher (seasons 1–2)
  • Antonio Pennarella as Don Achille Carracci, the local mobster (season 1)
  • Nunzia Schiano as Nella Incardo, Miss Oliviero's cousin
  • Kristijan Di Giacomo (recurring season 1) and Giovanni Amura (season 2; recurring season 1) as Stefano Carracci, Don Achille Carracci's son and, later, Lila's husband
  • Tommaso Rusciano (recurring season 1) and Gennaro De Stefano (season 2; recurring season 1) as Rino Cerullo, Lila's older brother and, later, Pinuccia's husband
  • Alessandro Nardi (guest season 1) and Francesco Serpico (season 2; recurring season 1) as Nino Sarratore, Donato and Lidia's son
  • Giuliana Tramontano (recurring season 1) and Federica Sollazzo (season 2; recurring season 1) as Pinuccia Carracci, Don Achille's daughter and, later, Rino's wife
  • Anna Redi (recurring season 1) and Clotilde Sabatino (season 2) as Professor Galiani, Elena's high school teacher
  • Lucia Manfuso (recurring season 1) and Ulrike Migliaresi (season 2; recurring season 1) as Ada Cappuccio, Melina Cappuccio's daughter
  • Domenico Cuomo (recurring season 1) and Christian Giroso (season 2; recurring season 1) as Antonio Cappuccio, Melina Cappuccio's son
  • Francesco Catena (recurring season 1) and Eduardo Scarpetta (season 2; recurring season 1) as Pasquale Peluso, Alfredo and Giuseppina's son
  • Vincenzo Vaccaro (recurring season 1) and Giovanni Buselli (season 2; recurring season 1) as Enzo Scanno, Nicola and Assunta's son
  • Giovanni Cannata as Armando Galiani, Professor Galiani's son (season 2)
  • Francesco Russo as Bruno Soccavo, Nino's friend (season 2)
  • Bruno Orlando as Franco Mari, Elena's first boyfriend in Pisa (season 2)
  • Daria Deflorian as Adele Airota, Pietro Airota's mother (season 2)
  • Matteo Cecchi as Pietro Airota, Elena's second boyfriend in Pisa (season 2)


The Grecos

  • Emanuele Nocerino (season 1), Matteo Castaldo (seasons 1–2) and Daniele Cacciatore (guest season 2) as Peppe Greco, Elena's younger brother
  • Thomas Noioso (season 1), Raffaele Nocerino (seasons 1–2) and Davide De Lucia (guest season 2) as Gianni Greco, Elena's younger brother
  • Sara Mauriello (season 1), Cristina Fraticola (seasons 1–2) and Gaia Buongiovanni (guest season 2) as Elisa Greco, Elena's younger sister

The Carraccis

  • Sarah Falanga as Maria Carracci, Don Achille's wife
  • Valerio Laviano Saggese (season 1) and Fabrizio Cottone as Alfonso Carracci, Don Achille's son
  • Daniel Campagna (guest season 2) and Giuseppe Cortese (guest season 2) as Gennaro Carracci, Lila's son

The Pelusos

  • Gennaro Canonico as Alfredo Peluso, a highly skilled carpenter (season 1)
  • Lia Zinno as Giuseppina Peluso, Alfredo's wife (seasons 1–2)
  • Francesca Bellamoli (season 1) and Francesca Pezzella as Carmela Peluso, Alfredo and Giuseppina's daughter

The Cappuccios

  • Pina Di Gennaro as Melina Cappuccio, a crazy widow

The Sarratores

  • Emanuele Valenti as Donato Sarratore, a train controller
  • Fabrizia Sacchi as Lidia Sarratore, Donato's wife
  • Cristina Magnotti (season 1) and Miriam D'Angelo as Marisa Sarratore, Donato and Lidia's daughter
  • Michele Di Costanzo (guest season 1) and Catello Buonomo (season 2; guest season 1) as Pino Sarratore, Donato and Lidia's son
  • Federica Guarino (guest season 1) and Federica Barbuto (season 2; guest season 1) as Clelia Sarratore, Donato and Lidia's daughter
  • Gioele Maddi (guest season 1) and Mattia Iapigio (season 2; guest season 1) as Ciro Sarratore, Donato and Lidia's son

The Scannos

  • Ciro Pugliese as Nicola Scanno, a greengrocer (season 1)
  • Marina Cioppa as Assunta Scanno, Nicola's wife (season 1)

The Solaras

  • Pietro Vuolo (season 1) and Elvis Esposito as Marcello Solara, Manuela and Silvio's son

The Spagnuolos

  • Mimmo Ruggiero as Mr. Spagnuolo, pastry chef at Bar Solara (season 1; guest season 2)
  • Patrizia Di Martino as Rosa Spagnuolo, his wife (season 1; guest season 2)
  • Alice D'Antonio (season 1) and Rosaria Langellotto as Gigliola Spagnuolo, their daughter


  • Valentina Arena as Jolanda, a stationer (season 1; guest season 2)
  • Vittorio Viviani as Mr. Ferraro, the librarian and an elementary school teacher (season 1)
  • Riccardo Palmieri as Gino, Elena's classmate and first boyfriend
  • Sergio Basile as Professor Gerace, Elena's high school teacher (season 1)
  • Giorgia Gargano as Nadia Galiani, Professor Galiani's daughter (season 2)


  • Antonio Maglione as Alfonso, a friend of Vittorio Greco's (season 1)
  • Enrico D'Errico as Pier Paolo Pasolini (season 2)
  • Giustiniano Alpi as Rolando Berti (season 2)
  • Alessandro Bertoncini as Carlo Fortini (season 2)
  • Francesco Saggiomo as Dino Cerullo, Rino and Pinuccia's son (season 2)
  • Ilaria Zanotti as Giulia Cristaldi (season 2)
  • Maria Rosaria Bozzon as Titina, Gennaro's baby sitter (season 2)
  • Giulia Mazzarino as Maria Rosa Airota, Pietro's sister (season 2)
  • Maurizio Tabani as Professor Tarratano, a critic (season 2)
  • Gabriele Vacis as Guido Airota, Pietro's father (season 2)


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