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The Owl House is an American animated fantasy television series created by Dana Terrace and produced by Disney Television Animation. It premiered on Disney Channel on January 10, 2020.[4][5][6] In November 2019, the series was renewed for a second season prior to the series premiere.

Luz Noceda is a teenage human girl who accidentally stumbles upon a portal to another world instead of going to Reality Check Camp, a juvenile detention summer camp located in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. When on the Boiling Isles, which is made from the remains of a dead Titan, she befriends the rebellious witch Eda the Owl Lady and her adorable demon roommate named King. Despite not having magical abilities, Luz pursues her dream of becoming a witch by serving as Eda's apprentice at the Owl House and ultimately finds a new family in an unlikely setting.[8]



  • Luz Noceda (voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles[1][9]) - A 14-year-old Dominican-American[10][11] girl who ends up on the Boiling Isles and becomes both Eda's apprentice and a new exchange student at Hexside Academy. Luz loves all things fantasy and magical, wanting to become a witch.[7] She finds out that she can use magic by drawing glyphs that she sees within her environment and spell circles witches cast to do magic. She finally became an official student of Hexside, though she was saddened at first as she was only allowed to learn one type of magic at a time, and not combine different magic types. Later however, Luz, with the help of the detention class students, saves the school from a magic eating Greater Basilisk who had disguised herself as the Emperor's Coven inspector. Principal Bump was convinced that mixing magics isn't a bad thing, and therefore let the other trouble making students take more than one class, with Luz becoming the first student who is officially allowed to learn magic from all the classes. According to Terrace, Luz is named after her Dominican-American roommate, Luz Batista, a story artist and consultant for the show.[2][12]
  • Edalyn "Eda" Clawthorne (voiced by Wendie Malick[1]) - The 30-year old self-proclaimed most powerful witch on the Boiling Isles, Luz's teacher, and a wanted criminal for selling human items, not joining a coven, and stealing, among other things.[7] Her nickname "the Owl Lady" comes from the fact that she was cursed to become an owl-like monster when she was younger by an unknown figure (later revealed to be her sister Lilith), which can only be countered by a daily elixir, which is gradually losing its effect. In mid-season finale, the elixir has lost its effect altogether. It can no longer cure her, much to her shock and fear. Unlike most witches who join covens (other than the witches in the Emperor's Coven), she can use all types of magic. Just like Luz, she wanted to learn all the types of magic possible but wasn't able to due to Hexside's rules forbidding her to do so. So to subvert this, she used her magic to create a secret hideout which is equipped with magical doors which act as shortcuts to help her navigate around the school and learn all magic types from all the other classes undetected.
  • King (voiced by Alex Hirsch[1]) - A small wolf-like demon with a skull-like head and Eda's roommate who is the self-proclaimed King of Demons. He spends much of the series being a feisty troublemaker. He is well aware of his short comings, but that does not stop him from trying to exert dominance. Upon meeting Luz, he starts off speaking to her like a servant, but slowly begins to treat her like a close friend and even begins to take on aspects of acting like a pet around her. He later admits that he begins to miss her whenever she is gone for long periods of time. Since then, he has become openly affectionate to her while also keeping his rambunctious attitude.


  • Hooty (voiced by Hirsch) - The witty sentient barn owl-headed doorknocker of the titular house who can also stretch out his neck to long lengths.[7] Luz, Eda and King tend to ignore him, not just because he is a house, but because he tends to act surreal, awkward, or annoying around them. Lilith once called Hooty a "house demon."
  • Camila Noceda (voiced by Elizabeth Grullon) - Luz's mother who sends her to summer camp to curb her overactive imagination. Unaware Luz is on the Boiling Isles, she continues to stay in contact with her via text messages. In "Enchanting Grom Fright," it is revealed that she is getting letters about the summer camp from someone who is pretending to be Luz. She is Dominican-American, with the voice actor for Luz, Sarah-Nicole Robles, saying that she and Luz are a "refreshing representation of a real Hispanic family."[12]
  • Willow Park (voiced by Tati Gabrielle[1]) - A student at Hexside and Luz and Gus’s friend who is skilled with plant magic. Originally, Willow was placed in the abomination class, due to her parents' wishes until her use of plant magic caused her to be transferred to the plant class. She and Amity used to be close friends since childhood but due to Amity's parents not wanting to associate with her due to her lack of magic, Amity cut ties with her, which caused great misery to both her and Amity. In "Understanding Willow", it is revealed that Willow lives with her two fathers.
  • Augustus "Gus" Porter (voiced by Issac Ryan Brown[1]) - A student at Hexside and Luz and Willow’s friend who is skilled with illusion magic and attends illusion class. He once was the president of a club called the Human Appreciation Society (H.A.S.) before he was removed from the position by Principal Bump after the detention room incident. His father Perry Porter works as a news reporter.
  • Amity Blight (voiced by Mae Whitman[1]) - A top student at Hexside who is an abomination expert. She starts as Luz's main rival making fun of Willow for her apparent lack of magical talent. She eventually befriends Luz and develops feelings for her because of her kind nature. Like Luz, she is a big fan of the novel series The Good Witch Azura. She and Willow used to be the closest of friends since childhood but her uptight and condescending parents told her to cut ties with Willow as she is far too weak to be a witch and if she doesn't, they will and ensure Willow will never attend school again. Alas, Amity was cowed to do so and extremely saddened that she had to hurt her only true friend in her life. She doesn't like Skara and Boscha as she finds them mean and cruel to people. She never considered those two her friends as she was told by her parents to befriend them as they were very powerful witches. Since "Wing It Like Witches", she no longer considers Boscha a friend because of her treatment of Willow and others.
  • Hieronymus Bump (voiced by Bumper Robinson[1]) - The principal of Hexside School of Magic and Demonics who wears a demon-shaped hat over half his face. In the episode "Adventures in the Elements," it was revealed that he was the young student responsible in defeating the opposing school and helped build Hexside, as shown in its information pamphlet. After the events of "The First Day", he became more accepting of the other students' desire to learn more than one magic type after Luz and her new friends, the detention class students saved the school from a deadly Greater Basilisk who tried to consume all the magic from the staff and students thanks to their mixed magic skills. Since that day, he made it official that students have now the choice to learn more than one magic type.
  • Professor Abominable (voiced by JB Blanc) - A teacher who teaches students how to make abominations and is carried around Hexside by his own Abomination.
  • Lilith Clawthorne (voiced by Cissy Jones) - Eda's estranged older sister and leader of the Emperor's Coven. She still cares for her sister as she told Eda that the Emperor can cure her owl monster-type curse, and wants her to join the Emperor's Coven. In "Agony of a Witch", it is revealed that she is the one who cursed Eda to turn into the owl monster when they were young, as she was envious of her magical talent and immeasurable power. This led to Lilith's deal with Emperor Belos after she felt guilty for what she did to her sister. Following Luz's duel with Emperor Belos, Lilith betrays the Emperor to help Luz and uses her magic to split the curse with Eda.
  • Emperor Belos (voiced by Matthew Rhys[7]) - A mysterious masked man who is the ruler of the Boiling Isles and the most powerful witch alive, to whom the Emperor's Coven serve personally. According to history, Emperor Belos got rid of the troublesome demons and witches that were affecting the Titan and arranged for the rest of the magic users to use their magic the right way. This led to him establishing different covens where those who don't join are sentenced to an irreversable petrification. Lilith joined the Emperor's Coven in order for Emperor Belos to honor her deal to cure Eda of her owl monster curse. When she finally caught Eda, Belos went back on his word with Lilith to cure Eda's curse. Belos plots to access the human world on the Day of Unity.
    • Kikimora (voiced by Mela Lee) - The boss of Lilith and Emperor Belos' personal assistant.
  • Boscha (voiced by Eden Riegel[1]) - A three-eyed witch and one of Amity's "friends" who is obsessed with Penstagram and part of the potions class. She is very condescending and bullies others based on their magical prowess. As of "Wing It Like Witches" which reveals that Boscha has a competitive nature during Grudgby season, she and Amity are no longer friends as Amity decided to stand up for her true friends.
  • Skara (voiced by Kimberly Brooks) - A witch and one of Amity's friends' who is part of the bard class.
  • Emira and Edric Blight (voiced by Erica Lindbeck and Ryan O'Flanagan) - Amity's older twin siblings and members of the illusion track. They are troublemakers who are always making fun of her.
  • Warden Wrath (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - The monstrous and brutal warden running the Conformatorium where those who are different are imprisoned. He has a crush on Eda who has always managed to evade his capture.
  • Tiny Nose (voiced by Dana Terrace) - A small round demon with a prominent nose, and a conspiracy theorist who has a thirst for destruction. At the end of "Sense and Insensitivity," she gets a book published.
  • Bat Queen (voiced by Isabella Rossellini) - A large bat-like palisman formerly owned by a giant, who takes care of her children and other forgotten and broken palismans.
  • Tibblet-Tibblie "Tibbles" Grimmhammer III (voiced by Parvesh Cheena[1]) - A pig-like creature, and a night market stand owner and con artist who supplies Eda's curse elixir.
  • The Demon Hunters - A group of humanoids who hunt wild demons. They were first seen trying to catch a transformed Hooty. In "Escape of the Palisman," the Demon Hunters are now working as animal control officers where they try to catch Eda's owl monster form.
    • Patch (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - The leader of the Demon Hunters who wears an eyepatch. His name was revealed through the closed captioning.
    • Tom (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - A member of the Demon Hunters.
  • Mattholomule (voiced by Jorge Diaz) - Luz and Gus's new rival and part of the Construction class. He's always in trouble at Hexside by getting detention. He became the new president of H.A.S. after Luz destroyed the detention room which Gus took the blame for.
  • Perry Porter (voiced by Gary Anthony Williams) - A witch and the father of Gus who is a reporter for BBN-HXN.
 Luz Noceda, a girl who loves fantasy, is forced by her mother Camila to go to Reality Check Camp, a juvenile detention summer camp located in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, following three different incidents at school that were brought to Camila's attention. While waiting to be picked up, an owl takes her favorite witch book and she chases it into an abandoned house that transports her to the Boiling Isles, a magical realm in another dimension. She meets Eda, a fugitive witch who sells human items. Eda takes Luz to her home, the Owl House, where she introduces her to the adorably feisty King. Eda promises to take Luz back home if she helps them get King's crown back from Warden Wrath at his prison, the Conformatorium. They successfully break in where Luz discovers that the "crown" is a kid's meal crown. Wrath captures them with the intent to ask Eda out on a date, but she refuses. A fight breaks out with Luz releasing the prisoners (whose crimes were for being different) and together defeat Wrath and escape. Luz decides to stay to become a witch and Eda reluctantly accepts. As Luz settles in for the night, she texts her mother to inform her that she's gonna like it at "camp."


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