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Fear the Walking Dead Season 05 - Free Download

Fear the Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. The show premiered on AMC on August 23, 2015. It is a companion series and prequel to The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard

In July 2018, AMC renewed the series for a fifth season, which premiered on June 2, 2019. Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg have been the showrunners since the fourth season. In July 2019, the series was renewed for a sixth season, which is set to premiere on October 11, 2020.

Set initially in Los Angeles, California and then later in Mexico,[1] the series follows a dysfunctional, blended family composed of high school guidance counselor Madison Clark, her English teacher fiancé Travis Manawa, her daughter Alicia, her drug addict son Nick, Travis's son from a previous marriage, Chris, Chris's mother Liza Ortiz, and others who join their group at the onset of the apocalypse.[2][3] They must reinvent themselves, learning new skills and adopting new attitudes in order to survive as civilization collapses around them.[4]

Cast and characters


  • Kim Dickens as Madison Clark: The series' protagonist. An intelligent and domineering guidance counselor, the mother of Nick and Alicia, and Travis' fiancée. (seasons 1–4)[2][5]
  • Cliff Curtis as Travis Manawa: A resolute and peacekeeping high school teacher, Madison's fiancé, Chris' father, and Liza's ex-husband. (seasons 1–3)[2][5]
  • Frank Dillane as Nicholas "Nick" Clark: A brave and selfless recovering heroin addict, Madison's son, and Alicia's brother. (seasons 1–4)[2][3][5][6]
  • Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark: The fiery yet compassionate daughter of Madison, and Nick's sister.[2][5]
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez as Elizabeth "Liza" Ortiz: A no-nonsense and caring nursing student, Travis' ex-wife, and Chris' mother. (season 1; guest season 2)[2][5][7]
  • Mercedes Mason as Ofelia Salazar: The strong-willed and very capable daughter of Daniel and his wife Griselda. (seasons 1–3)[2][5]
  • Lorenzo James Henrie as Christopher "Chris" Manawa: Travis and Liza's rebellious teenage son, who becomes more brutal due to the landscape of the deadly new world. (seasons 1–2)[2][7]
  • Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar: A courageous and practical former Sombra Negra member, a barber, Griselda's husband, and Ofelia's father. (seasons 1–3; 5–present)[2][8]
  • Colman Domingo as Victor Strand: A smart and sophisticated conman-turned-businessman, who forms friendships with Nick and Madison. (season 2–present; guest season 1)[9]
  • Michelle Ang as Alex: A pragmatic and quiet survivor introduced in the Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 web series. (season 2)[10]
  • Danay García as Luciana Galvez: A strong and cautious former member of the La Colonia community in Tijuana, Mexico, and Nick's girlfriend. (season 3–present; recurring season 2)[11]
  • Daniel Sharman as Troy Otto: The charismatic and impulsive son of Jeremiah, and Jake's half-brother. (season 3)[12][13]
  • Sam Underwood as Jeremiah "Jake" Otto Jr.: Jeremiah's moralistic and wiser son, Troy's half-brother, and Alicia's love interest. (season 3)[13]
  • Dayton Callie as Jeremiah Otto Sr.: The racist and candid leader of Broke Jaw Ranch, and Jake and Troy's father. (season 3; guest season 2)[13]
  • Lisandra Tena as Lola Guerrero: The generous and empathetic leader of a community stationed at a dam located in Tijuana, who is responsible for supplying water. (season 3)[13]
  • Maggie Grace as Althea "Al" Szewczyk-Przygocki: A curious and tactical journalist who encounters Morgan and John. (season 4–present)[14]
  • Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie: A lonesome and friendly police officer whom Morgan encounters. (season 4–present)[14]
  • Lennie James as Morgan Jones: A mentally unstable and ruthlessly pragmatic man, formerly a part of Rick Grimes' group on The Walking Dead, who encounters the core group of survivors. (season 4–present)[14]
  • Jenna Elfman as June Dorie "Naomi/Laura": A kind and mysterious nurse whom Madison encounters. (season 4–present)[14]
  • Alexa Nisenson as Charlie: A young girl who is a spy for the Vultures until she defected to Morgan's group. (season 5–present; recurring season 4)[15]
  • Karen David as Grace: A mysterious woman who used to work at a nuclear power plant that melted down near the site where the plane of Morgan's group crashed. (season 5–present)[16]
  • Austin Amelio as Dwight: A ruthless and reluctant former lieutenant of the Saviors, who was exiled from Virginia by Rick Grimes' group on The Walking Dead. (season 5–present)[17]
  • Mo Collins as Sarah Rabinowitz: The adoptive sister of Wendell and a former Marine. (season 6; recurring seasons 4–5)[18][19]
  • Colby Hollman as Wes: A survivor who allies with Morgan's group. (season 6; recurring season 5)[19]
  • Zoe Colletti as Dakota: A member of the Pioneers who is Virginia's younger sister. (season 6)[19]


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