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Extracurricular (Korean인간수업; RRIngansueop; lit. Human Class) is a South Korean television series directed by Kim Jin-min, starring Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Ju-hyun, Nam Yoon-soo, Choi Min-soo, Park Hyuk-kwon and Kim Yeo-jin. It was released on Netflix on April 29, 2020.

A top student who runs an illegal business is caught by one of his classmates who starts blackmailing him.



  • Kim Dong-hee as Oh Ji-soo
  • Jung Da-bin as Seo Min-hee
  • Park Joo-hyun as Bae Gyu-ri
  • Nam Yoon-soo as Kwak Ki-tae
  • Choi Min-soo as Lee Whang-chul
  • Park Hyuk-kwon as Cho Jin-woo
  • Kim Yeo-jin as Lee Hae-gyoung


  • Seo Ye-hwa as Sung-mi
  • Kim Yi-kyung as Ji-ye
  • Park Bo-mi as Min-joo
  • Jang Se-rim as Eun-chae
  • Kim Gyu-tae as Lim Tae-woo
  • Kwon Han-sol as Hye-min
  • Woo Da-bi as Soo-ji
  • Kang So-hwi as Na-eun
  • Lee Jae-baek as Kang-bbang
  • Choi Joon-gyu as Chae-bin
  • Kim Byung-hwi as Tae-nam
  • Park Ho-san as Jung-jin
  • Shim Yi-young as Gyu-ri's mother
  • Kim Young-pil as Gyu-ri's father
  • Baek Joo-hee as Cho Mi-jung
  • Lim Gi-hoong as Ryu Dae-yeol
  • Kim Kwang-kyu as Byung-kwan
  • Lee Seung-woo as Kyung-shik
  • Oh Kwang-rok as Jae-ik
  • Lee Hyun-gul as Du-gi
  • Cheon Dong-bin as Jung-hwan

On April 22, 2019, Netflix announced through a press release that it would distribute a new Korean original series entitled Extracurricular and produced by Studio 329, confirming at the same time that the main cast would consist of Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Joo-hyun, Nam Yoon-soo, Choi Min-soo, Park Hyuk-kwon and Kim Yeo-jin.[3][4] The series is written by Song Ji-na's son Jin Han-sae and directed by Kim Jin-min, whose wife Kim Yeo-jin is starring in the series.[5]


Filming, which ended on August 6, 2019, mostly took place in Seoul.[6][7]


On April 28, 2020, the press conference was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic, in presence of actors Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Joo-hyun and Nam Yoon-soo, executive producer (and Studio 329's CEO) Yoon Shin-ae, and director Kim Jin-min.[8] The series being released a few months after the Nth room case opened, director Kim said that "the incident was so shocking that [he] felt frightened. Extracurricular could become an opportunity to discuss this uncomfortable reality. As a creator, [he] felt [he] had to deal with the issues of our society with more depth and responsibility."[9]
On April 29, some of the cast and crew attended a special one-day class by Professors Kwon Il-yong (South Korea's first profiler), Park Mi-rang (a criminologist) and Seo Min-soo (from the Police Human Resources Development Institute), which was broadcast live on Netflix Korea's YouTube and V Live channels. They discussed the reality of youth crime in society


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