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Claws is an American comedy-drama television series that premiered on TNT on June 11, 2017.[1] The series was ordered for a first season containing 10 episodes on December 13, 2016, and was originally developed as a half-hour, single-camera comedy for HBO.[2] Set in Palmetto, Florida, the series is mostly filmed in New Orleans.[3]

On July 12, 2017, TNT renewed the series for a second season, which premiered on June 10, 2018.[4][5] On July 2, 2018, TNT renewed the series for a third season, which premiered on June 9, 2019.[6][7] On October 1, 2019, TNT renewed the series for a fourth and final season.[8] On March 12, 2020, Warner Bros. Television shut down production on the series' fourth and final season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[9]

Five manicurists at the Nail Artisans salon of Manatee County, Florida enter the traditionally male world of organized crime when they begin laundering money for a neighboring pain clinic and eventually work their way up to controlling their own criminal empire.[10]



  • Niecy Nash as Desna Simms: the owner of Nail Artisans, a nail salon in Manatee County, Florida, and an associate of the Husser family. She launders money for one of their most profitable pill mills, so she can save up and buy a better salon. She is in a relationship with Roller Husser, adopted son of his uncle, Uncle Daddy. When Uncle Daddy withholds some of her earnings, she blames Roller. She and Virginia, with whom he was cheating on Desna with, attempt to kill him. It is later revealed that Desna and her brother, Dean, spent their childhoods with abusive foster parents, explaining why she's so determined to build a life for herself. She eventually gets permission to leave the mob, but is subsequently forced to continue laundering money for the Russian Mafia. Desna ultimately sets out to build her own crime family after her brother kills the head of the Russian mob.
  • Carrie Preston as Polly Marks: a redheaded North Carolinian who helps manage Desna's criminal enterprises. A former professional con artist, pathological liar, and skilled burglar, she only recently made parole for running a Social Security fraud scheme. Her relationship with Desna is one of absolute loyalty; she even threatens Virginia with a knife when she nearly implicates Desna in Roller's "death". She also forms a motherly bond with Marnie, an adolescent girl seeking to escape her own neglectful mother, who is trying to force Marnie into prostitution. Preston also portrays Lillian Marks, Polly's twin sister who pressures her to own up to her mistakes.
  • Judy Reyes as Annalise "Quiet Ann" Zayas: the salon's lookout, doorman, and Desna's enforcer. She is college-educated, with plans to become a teacher, but her career was ruined when she was convicted of attempting to murder her husband after he stabbed her girlfriend. Ann is openly bisexual and also into girls, but has difficulty balancing her relationships with her role in the mafia, especially when she falls for a female police detective investigating the salon with who she later breaks-up. Later at the end of season 3 she has sex with a handsome guy she encounters at the party.
  • Karrueche Tran as Virginia Loc: a former stripper for Uncle Daddy's strip club, She She's, but now works at Nail Artisans. Desna fires her and throws her out in disgust after finding out she is sleeping around with Roller and suspecting that Virginia was the one who told Roller about Polly's ankle bracelet. Eventually, Virginia is accepted when she shoots Roller to defend Desna and proves her willingness to master the manicurist's trade. Later, she becomes pregnant after having sex with Dean, but goes through with an abortion and says yes when he asks to marry her. A failed assassination attempt causes her to lose an eye; the transplant, taken from a practicing psychic, gives Virginia empathetic abilities. She now runs the salon on Desna's behalf.
  • Jenn Lyon as Jennifer Husser: Desna's oldest friend, right-hand woman, and Bryce's wife, with whom she has one daughter and another from a previous relationship. Having already lost more than a few relatives to the consequences of organized crime, she is adamant that Bryce not be part of his family's criminal business, but he does so nonetheless, causing a rift to form between her and Desna. When her family is absorbed by the Russians, she manages to keep her position at the salon thanks to Desna vouching on her behalf. However, an affair she has with a man named Hank threatens her marriage with Bryce, until they reconcile and she vows to be more faithful.
  • Jack Kesy as Dwayne "Roller" Husser: Uncle Daddy's nephew, boyfriend to Desna and a high-powered drug dealer whose supposed death in the first episode triggers conflict between the Hussers and Desna's salon. It is later revealed that he is alive, having been imprisoned by a woman as her sex slave. He escapes and rejoins his family, but when his dealings with the Russians are exposed, he and his brother and uncle are forced to work for them. He's in love with Desna even though he doesn't say it. He has sex with Desna and gets back together with her, even after she tried to kill him. He tries to shoot Desna but couldn't do it because she tells him she loves him. Eventually, he finds himself helping Desna establish her criminal empire.
  • Kevin Rankin as Bryce Husser: Jennifer's husband and Roller's brother, who joins the Dixie Mafia to get justice for Roller's death and takes over his narcotics racket, though he is struggling to control his own addiction. When Roller unexpectedly returns, the two clash over his success. Bryce is subsequently forced to relinquish control of his business to the Russians when they absorb the Husser family, and is later shot while taking part in an attack on his boss, Zlata. He and Jenn fix their relationship and try to leave the mob life behind, but return once they realize that they can't.
  • Jason Antoon as Ken Brickman: a shady medical doctor who runs one of the Husser family's pill mills. He suffers from emotional instability stemming from his failed marriage, but ends up finding a potential new romance with Polly. However, she dumps him when his work as a police informant is exposed.
  • Harold Perrineau as Dean Simms: Desna's autistic brother whom she takes care of. He takes up bodybuilding as a hobby following Roller's "death", and falls in love with Virginia, one of his sister's associates. He also frees his sister from the grip of the Russians when he kills her boss, Zlata.
  • Dean Norris as Clay "Uncle Daddy" Husser: Bryce's and Roller's uncle and the ruthless head of the Husser crime family. After the latter disappears, he starts grooming the former to succeed him, but realizes too late that Roller's actions have put the family into deep debt with the Russians. Stripped of his independence, he turns to the Haitian mob for assistance. He now seeks to rebuild the Husser family by any means necessary.
  • Jimmy Jean-Louis as Gregory Ruval (recurring season 1, starring season 2): A doctor and Desna's love interest, whose role as a boss in the Haitian mafia is unknown to her. He forms an alliance with the Hussers when they lose their interests to the Russians. Desna winds up killing him on their wedding night after learning that he plans to kill her.[11]
  • Suleka Mathew as Arlene Branch (recurring season 1, starring season 2-3): Quiet Ann's girlfriend and a detective investigating Desna and Dr. Ken. Ann is reluctantly forced to frame her for drunk driving, and she is ultimately fired from the police force. However, this turns out to be a ruse as part of a sting operation aimed against the Russians and Desna. Ann subsequently breaks up with her for this deception.
  • Evan Daigle as Toby (recurring seasons 1 and 2, starring season 3):[12] Uncle Daddy's boy toy who accompanies him everywhere.


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