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Amphibia is an American animated television series created by Matt Braly and produced by Disney Television Animation for Disney Channel and Disney XD. The series features the voices of Brenda Song, Justin Felbinger, Bill Farmer, and Amanda Leighton. It premiered on June 17, 2019[1] following a preview of the first episode on DisneyNOW and YouTube three days earlier, and the show's first season concluded on July 18. 

On May 15, 2019, a month before the series premiere, the series was renewed for a second season which premiered on July 11, 2020.[2][3] Ahead of the second season premiere, the series was renewed for a third season.

The series chronicles the adventures of a self-centered 13-year-old Thai-American girl named Anne Boonchuy.[4] After stealing a mysterious music box on her birthday at the advice of her friend Sasha, she is magically transported to Amphibia, a wild marshland tropical island full of anthropomorphic amphibians and dangerous creatures. She soon meets and befriends an adventurous 10-year-old frog named Sprig Plantar who will guide her to be a true hero while discovering the first true friendship of her life as she lives with the Plantar family.


Main characters

  • Anne Boonchuy (voiced by Brenda Song) - A 13-year-old Thai-American human girl who finds the Calamity Box that leads her to Amphibia. She must adjust to her new life and family while facing the ups and downs of Amphibia.[6] Upon arrival, she somehow lost her right shoe that was later found by the inhabitants from Toad Tower. Throughout the series, there may be the possibility she gain magical abilities when she first arrived at Amphibia. This was shown when her eyes glowed blue briefly when she was angry in dangerous situations. The cause behind this was her body had absorbed the mystical energy from the Calamity Box's blue gemstone that she stole from her own world.
  • Sprig Plantar (voiced by Justin Felbinger) - A 10-year-old adventurous and curious pink frog who befriends Anne.[7]
  • Hopediah "Hop Pop" Plantar (voiced by Bill Farmer) - Sprig and Polly's 68-year-old traditional, strict, and overprotective grandfather and farmer who runs the family farm.[2]
  • Polly Petunia Plantar (voiced by Amanda Leighton) - Sprig's polliwog sister who carries herself around inside a bucket.[2] Sometimes, she can be carried around by Anne, Sprig, or Hop Pop.


Wartwood inhabitants

  • Mayor Toadstool (voiced by Stephen Root) - A toad who is the corrupt, rude, greedy, and arrogant mayor of Wartwood Swamp. He has a tendency to raise the taxes on anything. Despite his flaws, he can do something nice and even do the unexpected for the greater good.
    • Toadie (voiced by Jack McBrayer) - A small frog who is Mayor Toadstool's loyal assistant.
  • Buck Leatherleaf (voiced by James Adomian) - The sheriff of Wartwood who enforces the rules.
  • Walliam "One-Eyed Wally" Ribbiton (voiced by James Patrick Stuart) - A local vagrant with one working eye and half a shoe on one foot who plays a caterpillar-shaped accordion. He comes from a rich family but wants to live as a vagrant.
  • Sadie Croaker (voiced by Laila Berzins) - An old lady with a cataract in her left eye. She runs Croaker Dairy where she sells dairy products and has a pet spider named Archie.
  • Felicia Sundew (voiced by Kaitlyn Robrock) - The proprietor of "Felicia's Tea Shoppe" that sells food like tea and dung beetle scones. She is Ivy's mother and Sylvia's daughter.
  • Sylvia Sundew (voiced by Mona Marshall) - Felicia's mother, Ivy's grandmother, and Hop Pop's girlfriend.
  • Ivy Sundew (voiced by Katie Crown) - Felicia's daughter, Sylvia's granddaughter, and Sprig's childhood friend and eventual crush.
  • Leopold Loggle (voiced by Brian Maillard) - An axolotl who is the town's wood-smith and is the proprietor of his woodcraft store. He used to be a metalsmith until an incident where he accidentally impaled his voice box causing him to have speaking issues where he says introducing adverbs and pausing before saying a negative ending word.
  • Albus Duckweed (voiced by Kevin McDonald) - A newt who is the local food critic. He also acts as a master of ceremonies at different events.
  • Stumpy (voiced by John DiMaggio) - The cook and proprietor of "Stumpy's Diner" with interchangeable prosthetic hands. His restaurant became a Thai-Frog fusion restaurant after he learns some Thai recipes from Anne.
  • Mr. Flour (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - The baker and proprietor of "Flour & Daughters Bakery."
  • Maddie Flour (voiced by Jill Bartlett) - Mr. Flour's eerie yet understanding daughter and Sprig's ex-fiancée who works at "Flour & Daughters Bakery."
  • Soggy Joe (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - A frog survivalist and trucker. He is also the star of the "Wild Amphibia" shorts.
  • Tuti (voiced by April Winchell) - The town masseuse and part-time bounty hunter.
  • Chuck (voiced by Matt Braly) - A tulip farmer who can also fix houses fast and wears a hat that covers his eyes. He mostly says "I grow tulips."

Toad Tower inhabitants

  • Captain Grime (voiced by Troy Baker) - A villainous one-eyed toad who is the former ruler of Toad Tower and the primary antagonist of the series.
  • Sasha Waybright (voiced by Anna Akana) - Anne's former human friend who was captured by Grime and became his new lieutenant when she was found by his men. She was the one who made Anne steal the Calamity Box that transported them both to Amphibia. Like Anne, there may be the possibility she may also have magical abilities due to her body having absorbed one of the gemstones' mystical energy embedded in the Calamity Box when she was transported to Amphibia.
  • Bog (voiced by Darin De Paul) - A ruthless toad soldier and tax collector who wields a giant hammer.
  • Fens (voiced by April Winchell) - An aggressive female toad soldier who fights with a kanabō.
  • Mire - A toad soldier in full body armor who doesn't speak and mostly growls.
  • Percy (voiced by Matt Jones) - A friendly toad soldier who dreams of being a jester.
  • Braddock (voiced by Kristen Johnston in Season 1, April Winchell in Season 2) - A friendly female toad soldier who likes to garden and socialize.

Newtopia inhabitants

  • King Andrias (voiced by Keith David) - The king of Newtopia.[8]
  • Marcy (voiced by Haley Tju) - Sasha and Anne's other human friend who found the Calamity Box first in a shop on Anne’s birthday who was also teleported to Amphibia.[8] She may have magical abilities like Anne and Sasha as well due to her body having absorbed one of the gemstones' mystical energy embedded in the Calamity Box when she and her friends were transported to Amphibia.
  • General Yunnan (voiced by Zehra Fazal) - An aggressive newt who is Newtopia's skilled warrior and general.
  • Lady Olivia (voiced by Michelle Dockery)[8]

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