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American Housewife Season 01 - Free Download

American Housewife is an American sitcom television series that debuted on October 11, 2016, on ABC. It is created and written by Sarah Dunn and co-executive produced with Aaron Kaplan, Kenny Schwartz, Rick Wiener, and for the pilot only Ruben Fleischer. It is a Kapital Entertainment–ABC Studios co-production.[1][2]
In May 2020, the series was renewed for a fifth season.[3]

The series chronicles the daily life of Katie Otto, a wife and mother who tries to maintain her sense of self and family while dealing with the wealthy, pretentious, arrogant housewives and their privileged children in her new hometown of Westport, Connecticut. Compared to the other residents who own big houses, Katie and her family are renters of a more modest home. She lives with Greg, her level-headed husband who is a university professor of history, and their three children. Taylor is their athletic, headstrong, but somewhat dimwitted oldest daughter who wants to fit in with her peers; Oliver is their savvy, ambitious, and snarky middle child; and Anna-Kat, sweet but obsessive-compulsive, is the youngest and Katie's blatant favorite. Katie frequently vents her frustration to and seeks advice from her two closest friends: Doris, whose strict parenting style sharply contrasts with Katie's; and Angela, a divorced lesbian mother and lawyer with a calm parenting style. 

Cast and characters


  • Katy Mixon as Kate "Katie" Otto
  • Diedrich Bader as Greg Otto, Katie's husband
  • Meg Donnelly as Taylor “Sweetheart” Otto, Katie and Greg's teenage daughter; the role was portrayed by Johnny Sequoyah in the televised pilot[4]
  • Daniel DiMaggio as Oliver Otto, Katie and Greg's teenage son and middle child
  • Julia Butters as Anna-Kat Otto, Katie and Greg's youngest daughter
  • Ali Wong as Doris, one of Katie's best friends
  • Carly Hughes as Angela, one of Katie's best friends


  • Leslie Bibb as Viv, Katy's neighbor who was originally introduced as Two-Fitbit Lady
  • Jessica St. Clair as Chloe Brown Mueller, Katie's nemesis
  • Wendie Malick as Kathryn, Katie's mother
  • Logan Pepper as Cooper Bradford, Oliver's uber-wealthy best friend whose parents are almost always out of town; Cooper adores Katie as a mother figure
  • Amarr M. Wooten as Eyo, Taylor's former boyfriend
  • Peyton Meyer as Trip Windsor, Taylor's boyfriend
  • Evan O'Toole as Franklin, Anna-Kat's best friend
  • Carly Craig as Tara Summers
  • Sara Rue as Nancy Granville
  • Jeannette Sousa as Suzanne
  • Barret Swatek as Sage
  • Jerry Lambert as Principal Ablin
  • George Hamilton as Spencer Blitz, neighbor and one-time billionaire investor who has just returned home, having been out on house arrest after spending 20 years in federal prison
  • Nikki Hahn as Gina, Oliver's first girlfriend and fellow ballet dancer
  • Bruno Amato as Louie Tuscadero, Gina's uncle and owner of Tuscadero's Pizza
  • Ravi Patel as Grant, Greg's assistant
  • Julie Meyer as Maria, Chloe Brown Mueller's employee
  • Milo Manheim as Pierce, Taylor's love interest during her brief breakup from Trip
  • Reylynn Caster as Brie, Oliver's second girlfriend who breaks up with him in season 4
  • Matt Shively as Lonnie Spears


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