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Traditional Methods of Seed Paddy Conservation in Tropical Countries

Sri Lanka is a country that has a long history which was beginning from the grate King “Maha Sammatha Manu “era. There is a lot of traditional knowledge that can be obtained by the farmers who are living in the villages throughout the country. In this article shows some of the traditional methods of seed conservation are used by the farmers in “Seed Paddy”.

0                  Store in a wooden Flat Form called “ÄTUWA

“ATUWA” is a wooden Flat Form which is constructing near to roof of the Farmhouse to store farm tools, Seeds, and other goods. For the seed paddy, they use a small wooden box made by” Bamboo” like a local tree called “Bata”. They treated inside of the Box with Cowdoung mixed soil and keep it for sun drying. After that, they put seed paddy in it and mix sum Neem  Azadirachta indica A. Juss.  (“Kohomba”)& Kaduru leaves and seal it. Then they keep it on the place called “ATUWA” for next season of paddy cultivation.

Store in a Warehouse called “Wee Bissa”

“Wee Bissa” is a large container that use to store Cereals at farmer’s House’. The structure of the “Wee Bissa” is made out of using Bamboo woods and some other local sticks which can find in the nearest woodland. Then they use  Cowdoung mixed soil to make the wall. The roof of the “Wee Bissa” is shell by the paddy husk. as an alternative to paddy husk they use coconut leaves to shell the roof. Seed paddy can store 3 to 4 years in the “Wee Bissa” with the  Neem Neem  Azadirachta indica A. Juss.  (“Kohomba”) leaves.

0          Store in a Wooden Box

Seed paddy can store in the various type of wooden boxes with mixing lemon leaves. After fill-up, the box “Ladappaa ” (Gliricidia sepium) flowers must distribute on the surface to prevent Rat attacks.

Store on Hanging mat called “Dum Messa”.

In Sri Lanka most of the Farmer use firewood for their cooking purpose. They Hung special Bamboo  Mat directly above the fireplace (Cooker) which is called “Dum Messa”. The smoke made by the cooker is going through the Bamboo mat. After Sun drying, Seed paddy is pack in the sacks with the Lemon leaves and keep sacks on the “Dum Messa” for one year period.  

A.G.Buddhika Sampath Bandara
(BSc. Agriculture Sp. Plantation Management) Agriculture Development Officer
Agricultural Division
Divisional Secretariat
Ambagamuwa Koralaya
Sri Lanka

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