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Is the Computer Overheating?

Do you know that your computer's brain is the processor? So depending on the amount of work we do on the computer

Affects the performance of the processor. At high performance, the processor causes a lot of heating. It may exceed 100 Celsius. If so, the processor lifetime is very short. In general, the processor in the market is more expensive than other PC parts. On the other hand, some computers may need to be reinstalled with a new processor.

So you understand the importance of keeping track of the processor temperature. This software is very useful for computer gamers and laptop users. Core Temp is the name of this software. This is a free software. See screenshot below.

As you can see this shows the details of a Dual Core processor. The bottom two Core shows the temperature. If the average is between 45-50 degrees Celsius or less, the situation is much better.

If you are above 60 degrees Celsius, you have to be careful. Use an extra Cooling fan, reduce the playing time if playing the game, and put a little bit of thermal paste on it if the processor is used too long. Because over time, the paste will become a paste. Then the temperature drops.

The Core Temp software also displays the Temperature in the System Tray

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