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iTunes software usually manages the photos, music, and apps on an iPhone.

But the 3uTools software that we've been discussing in this article can make those things easier. iTunes is Apple's official software. It is quite difficult to get work done by iTunes you know who use this. All of a sudden you have to eat a bit of music on your computer, install an app or backup.

The 3uTools software lets you do just about anything you want without any needles. Some work,

1. Apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos can be copied to the Apple device and the data on the phone can be copied to the computer. That means the file manager will act as a device.

2. Backup contacts, photos, files and apps on the Apple device.
3. You can clean and remove unnecessary files on iPhone.
4. You can add a ringtone of your choice.
5. You can also reduce the size of the video file on your computer by playing it.
6. The screen of the cell phone can be displayed in real-time.

Screen Shots

Web Site: http://www.3u.com/

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