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Ravana Awakes

King Ravana has conquered the heavens, the earth and the sea. The aircraft model he possessed is shown to some extent in the Wright brothers' experiments. Lakdiva Ravana becomes the first King of the world to fly over the countries and territories with the help of aircraft. Ravana owns a series of amazing boats built over the sea. There are separate forces forming them and they belong to the ancient Naga Gothic lineage. Thus the Ravana era is marked as a historical period in the history of the world.

Ravana was also powerful enough to use separate jets in addition to flying from the sky and sailing from the sea. According to Dr. Mirando, Mars is a planet that the King of Ravana has visited regularly. As a special airliner to fly from Lakegala to the skies.

Is there water on Mars? Are there organisms? Western scientists have been deeply researching whether it is a barren land.

Miranda states that Mars has been one of the most advanced technological systems in the planet. The best example of this is a flight cleaner phone with Mars-bearing creatures. Although some say that they are flying in some countries of the world, even the most technological research firm believes that these flying saucers are not flying from any part of the earth.

Why flying saucers come to Earth ....? These are simply the research series of the Mars world. Mars travels to Earth and researches as the European countries send astronauts to Mars.

According to Dr. Mirando, people on Mars are more miles ahead of us than we are by research.

The ancient manuscripts contain a wealth of information about King Ravana's relationship with the world of Mars even though he has no connection with the Mars world today. One of these was written by Somachandra Brahman during the reign of King Khallatanaga. Khallatanaga is the grandson of King Devanampiyatissa. This was first written in gold and then gradually written in silver and copper strips. When the book 'Ravana Katha Palayam' was inherited, it was inherited by a great-grandfather of the Obeysekera generation. Today it is owned by Dr. Mirando. He notes that the reason for the booklet is that some have come to find the treasure.

Most of the vessels belonging to King Rawana were stationed in Trincomalee based ships.

Where did Ravana's airplanes go? There were many airports around the country. The famous city of Wariyapola marker and the areas in different districts called Wariyapola marker are the places where the airborne aviators of King Rawana traveled.

Vakarai and Thoppigala in the Eastern Province are also small aircraft stations. Dr. Mirando says that there was an airport at the airport where the Mattala airport was built. In particular, the aircraft that flew inland during the Ravana kings' day was based in Mattala.
Let us turn to another side of you that you do not know about Ravana. King Rawana has eaten mostly fruits. The main drink of King Rawana is orange and crocodile. The king drank little water. It is said that he drank water from the Laggala area to the royal palaces with the help of large jars.

King Rawana had eaten the Kalati kurumba a little more pleasing. It is said that he ate fruit like durian, rambutan, mangoes and pineapples. Miranda states that if the Ravana Devalayas are placed on offerings, the above fruits should not be taken.

During the Ravana season, all the plants have been taken as a medicinal plant from the grass. Recipes are prepared with the help of each plant and it is wise to understand only what diseases are relevant to the plants.
King Rawana was a special herbalist in the country. Examples are the Ehelepola area and the area where the trees were planted.

Sinharaja is the main garden of King Rawana. Although it is today designated as a forest, it is a royal park. Therefore, Ravana still roams around here, Dr. Mirando said. There are many elephants, tigers and other animals that King Rawana brought to tame him. Elephants' dialects used to tame elephants are still used to tame elephants. Devil folk used various charms to capture the elephants. When the elephant had to be tamed by the king, she tamed it and walked around the garden.
Sinharaja Park can be seen as a place where King Rawana wakes up from his sleep. Because he was a great lover of animals, many of the animals that the king had tamed after his resurrection were in the Sinharaja. If Ravana is in the Sinharaja, those who go there may be disturbed by animals. This is because the king saved the animal class that he had tamed. This is why some elephants and wild beasts are infuriated by the people who come to the Ravana Sinhala.

Wherever King Ravana walks in the country, the character who goes with him is Vibhuti Devil. Sometimes the king of Vibhuti goes to the place and prepares the necessary background. It is customary for the people who guard the place to receive blessings and punish those who corrupt and destroy them. Vibhuti the Devil is simply one of Rawana's main bodyguards. Even Bhavara pays homage to Ravana. The king informs Vibhuti that if Ravana has a mind that he should be punished. Punishment works better than the king wants. Therefore, Vibhuti devil steps in to defile the place of Ravana, curse Ravana, etc.

One form of punishment, in particular, is to bring down their thoughts to the death. Therefore, he acts according to the thoughts that come to mind. He realizes that his destruction is near. However, the Ravana king can be said to have risen unconsciously as another Lankarakshaka Vibhishana god as well as another Goddess. Ravana wants to protect unarmed people.

Therefore, the God of Ravana comes forward to kill those who are armed and to defeat injustice. The coming era is the time when the Ravana god of power will become the world power. You can understand the strength of Ravana from what is happening in the country at that time. Whoever sows injustice is not like Ravana. If Ravana seeks justice, Ravana will do justice to those who need it. Vibhuti the Devil is with Ravana for that. Vibhuti devil will be punished by Ravana.

Vibhishana and Dedimunda were the kings who ruled over Lanka after the great Ravana. Sri Lanka has a long list of titles after Maha Ravana. This is the generation that preceded Vijaya. (Read that special article next week)

The dynasty beyond Vijaya is yet to be revealed. The Dedimunda and Vibhishana kings of this ancient dynasty are now deities.

King Rawana was awakened from his senses and his deity was delayed for about five years. The shrines of Rama and Hanumantha are built and worshiped on a large scale in India. There are many Hanuma statues and Rama statues built in India. With the conquest of Rama during the Rama-Ravana war, he became a sacred figure in India.

But Ravana, who had the great wisdom of being defeated and defeated during the war, was not sacrificed to anyone. Only the present Lakvasis refuse to accept Ravana. The Ravana generation is condemned. They say there is no such thing.

Anyway, who else but Ravana and the people of Ravana who spread the knowledge of the great state imperial power centered on Lakdiva? India does not accept Ravana who fought with Rama. Admittedly, it is a few. When Vibhishana becomes a severe deity, the Ravana God has to accept peace. Sunday Lankadeepa builds on Dr. Miranda's ideology which is one of the most talked-about topics in the country these days. The chief prelates and well-respected scholars of the country have spoken to us and welcomed this. Occasionally two stones also hit.

Dr. Mirando Obesekara
by Asanka Atigala

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