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Pre -Wedding Skincare - From acne to hair removal: How laser can be a part of your

From regular facials at the salon to micro-needling, there’s plenty that brides will do to place their best face forward on their wedding days. Among these treatments, ones that embody lasers area unit a number of the foremost common. Lasers, at totally different wavelengths and speeds, will facilitate skin disorder, acne scars, broken capillaries, skin neglect, and even hair removal. “Lasers have evolved with time, and there area unit a range of leading-edge lasers on the market [that have] lowest period and [give] fabulous results, [which will be] noticed as early because the initial session,” says Mumbai-based Dr Madhuri Agarwal, founder and medical director, Yavana Aesthetics Clinic.

What area unit the optical maser treatments you'll try?

When selecting the treatment that's right for your specific concern, it's necessary to understand the variations between the frequencies, downtime, expected results and prices concernedas an example, hair removal, one in all the foremost common treatments, is finished exploitation the ND: Yag laser. “The lasers work by delivering a selected wavelength of sunshine to heat up the follicle and terminate it utterly,” says Dr Agarwal.

Pigmentation, sun spots, fine facial hair and freckles area unit treated with the fractionated QswitchND: Yag optical maser. “The optical maser delivers high-intensity wavelength in fast, short unit of time pulses. The beam shatters the skin pigmentation and sun spots collected within the deeper layer of skin,” says Dr Agarwal. “Acne scars, fine lines, open pores, and uninteresting skin are often treated with fractionated carbon dioxide optical maser and metal glass or metal YAG lasers. These are referred to as ablative lasers, as they resurface the higher layer of skin by making tiny micro-thermal zones within the deeper layers. The recent skin is replaced by new supple, beamy skin by triggering the new albuminoid production,” she explains.

When must you begin your aid treatments?

“Brides ought to ideally begin their aid treatments 3 to 6 months before their wedding to urge visibly considerable results,” says Dr Agarwal. “The timeline is typically enthusiastic about the kind of treatment instructed in line with the skin disease. For issues like skin disorder, acne scars, blemishes and fine lines, the treatments area unit ideally started a minimum of six months before the marriage. Pigmentation, tan, open pores and skin rejuvenation need 3 months for treatment. If you’re braving problems like pigmentation or uneven skin on the body, you’ll want a minimum of 3 to four months for treatment. Hair removal lasers ought to be planned prior to and would take up to a year permanently results,” she suggests.

What period must you set up for?

Doctors say that you simply would possibly notice redness, delicate swelling and skin irritation forthwith once use. “[With non-ablative lasers], this sometimes settles down among one or two of hours once the procedure,” says Dr Agarwal. Doing an excessive amount of to the skin at one purpose of your time will leave it red or peeling, therefore care should be taken to schedule alternative treatments with enough time in between. “Ideally, lasers mustn't be combined with alternative technologies for constant day. they must be completed within the prescribed sequence while not inserting alternative treatments like facials and peels in between,” she concludes.

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